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About Us

"We print hoodies that express personality and creativity and art. While neutrals and basics are flooding the retail market, we are offering our customers something different and dynamic, loud and colorful." - Mike, founder and owner of Zipy Hoodie

Mike attended business school in San Jose, California before recognizing the need for more passion in the retail market than what was being offered. Him and his team of buddies started out in just a small basement apartment in 2019, but have been able to grow their small business to a team of more than 12 employees since starting. "Passion and drive for what we do is what makes us strong and united towards the same goal," says Mike. 

Zipy Hoodie is focused on helping our customers stand out and be proud among the plain Janes that are promoted today in retail globally. It is hoped that among the many beautifully printed hoodies, one would have a connection with our customer, whether on a purely aesthetic level or even a deeper emotional level. 

It is absolutely what we do to give our best to our customers in regards to quality, price, and satisfaction. Happy customers inspire us to continue our vision and designing and help us attain our goals, so we carefully check and double check quality assurance which meet common standards before sending them out.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please contact us at or call us at (416) 706-3702.