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How To Style Your Hoodie

How To Style Your Hoodie

So you might’ve gone a bit overboard and now your entire wardrobe seems to be full of hoodies. There’s nothing wrong with that, hoodies are warm and comfortable! But at the same time, it’s a bit hard to work with a wardrobe where pretty much everything looks the same!

Well, here at Zipy Hoodie, we’re here to help you find a few more styles you can pull off with a full on hoodie wardrobe! So stay tuned and take notes, maybe you’ll find a few styles that suit you!

Utilize layers

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While most people look at hoodies and think of it as the top most layer (save perhaps a winter or fall jacket in cold weather) you can actually put more layers on top of it! Whether that be adding a jean jacket on top, an oversized plaid shirt or some other larger zip/ button jacket; the layers can add a bit more variety to your look.

Just make sure if you’re wearing a layered look, it isn’t on the hottest day of summer or you plan on doing a lot of intense physical activity. While the look may be flattering, you could definitely overheat easily, so make sure to put your health first!

Try Cropped

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If you have an old hoodie lying around or even a duplicate, why not try a bit of a cropped hoodie look? Measure it out and cut the material with a pair of fabric scissors, or take it to a tailor if you don’t trust yourself to do it. You can even sew up the ends to give it a more finished look if you’re not satisfied with the straight cut.

Cropping your hoodies can open the door to a whole host of different styles, such as pairing cute graphic tees or even testing out some suspenders or overalls with it! Plus, it makes the hoodie a more realistic option in hot climates as it’s not so thick and snug all over!

Tuck the ends in

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If you got a hoodie with thin enough material, you can try tucking the bottom into your lower garments. Especially if you’re pairing the hoodie with a thick plaid skirt! If the hoodie bunches up too much, you can even try on a belt on top to help compress the material that mixes the casual sweater look with a cute fun skirt!

Try out different sizes

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Feeling like your hoodie game is still getting a bit stale? You can always try buying different styles of hoodies in different sizes! Wear an oversized hoodie to get that “borrowing boyfriends clothes” look. Or wear a slim-fit hoodie to get a less bulky look that pairs nicely with skinny jeans and other fit clothing/ accessories.

Feeling inspired to try out some of these ideas? Maybe you’re looking for something new to help you pull off your next look! Click here to shop now and find the perfect hoodie for you!